Remote IT & Repair Solutions

Alongside our web design services we are also able to repair a variety of hardware and software issues across Windows, IOS, Android & Linux operating systems from laptops to PC's and some mobile devices.

How Remote IT works ?

Remote IT is the internal industry standard for IT and helpdesk professionals to quickly access users desktop remotely utilising software such as TeamViewer™ enabling them to diagnose and repair a variety of software and hardware issues from a single location. You can watch us work in real time on your issue not only being able to observe the steps and processes but also able to see exactly how long it takes to fix.

Install TeamViewer™

Download and install the latest version of TeamViewer™ for your OS here once installed contact us with your issue and we'll talk you through the rest of the process

Watch Us Work

Once we are logged into your desktop or device we will open a notepad or text viewer window to communicate with you on what we are working on, you'll be able to see how we diagnose and repair most common faults or errors

Save Money on Repairs

Immediately save money on expensive repairs, courier fees, additional costs and most importantly wait time, we charge a flat £10 per hour !

Phones & Tablets

We can repair a variety of software based phone issues across Android and IOS devices including boot loops, fresh installs and non OTA firmware updates however we do not provide repairs for cases, screens, antennas or charging ports.

Hardware Repair

We can refresh, fix, recondition or bring back to life almost any type of laptop or PC regardless of age or condition. Screen issues, boot faults, hardware conflicts and overheating are examples of the most common issues we diagnose and repair.

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Web Design & IT Services

We provide low cost, custom web design to small businesses, growing companies and community groups throughout Renfrewshire and Scotland

Based in Johnstone we have a diverse range of clients and an ever growing portfolio. Contact us anytime to see how we can get your brand online

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